About Thrive Legal

Professional Stuff

My practice focuses on serving and supporting people who create and make the world better and more interesting, whether that’s an individual like an author or a designer, or a business or a nonprofit. My goal is to help you understand what you can do now to reduce the likelihood of future problems and conflicts.  That’s part of the reason I offer so many low cost initial consulting options – just like you should see your primary care physician long before a problem turns into an emergency room visit, you should see your attorney well before your practice turns into crisis management.

Personal Stuff

Headshot thumbnailI’m a nerd from Metro Detroit who also happens to be a lawyer in Detroit. Other than Michigan, I’ve lived in China, Hawaii, and Ohio (guess which of these three was the least interesting), but my wife and I ultimately decided to come back to my hometown. When I’m not geeking out about the law, I geek out about other things that include: science fiction, design, movies, social entrepreneurship, and learning the ukulele which, with my tin ear, is way more difficult than you might think.


Thrive Legal is located in Midtown Detroit, where it is part of the co-working community at the Green Garage. One of the things that stands out about the Green Garage, and one of the reasons that Thrive Legal chose it as a location, is the emphasis placed on making the building sustainable through energy efficiency and waste reduction. If you’re interested in learning more about the Green Garage, please visit its webpage.